Carina places her focus on the client’s needs, through individually developed nutritional meal plans and advice.
Covered by most medical aids

First consultation                 

The first consultation take about one hour. In this session we will ask questions about your lifestyle, current eating habits and Goals. We will assess the following:

  • Diet history, food preferences, medical and family history
  • Weight assessment and body composition
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Assessment of blood results if available

Initial guidance and written diet education will be provided. If you require a meal plan the information obtained in the first consultation will be used to develop an individualized meal pan.

Explanation of meal plan and portions

In this session the individual meal plan will be explained with examples and recipes. This session will last about 30-40 minutes

  • Prescribed calculated portions and practical explanation of portion size.
  • Individual diet guidelines
  • Additional dietary recommendations and supplementation if required

Standard Follow-up session

Research shows that individuals that are regularly monitored are more likely to change their behavior and achieve and maintain health and nutritional goals. This session will last 20-30 minutes. In this session we will monitor the following:

  • Adjustments to the meal plan if needed
  • Assessment of overall progress
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Body composition ( Body Fat %, Muscle Mass and water %)
  • assessment of food diaries were relevant
  • Provide ongoing support and motivation together with  creative ideas to tackle possible problems
  • Provide in detail education regarding interesting topics such as:

-       Label reading
-       Glycaemic Index (GI)
-       Good and bad fats
-       Sweeteners
-       Soluble and insoluble fiber
-       Food Myths
-       Balanced Smoothies
-       Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

  • Provide information regarding questions, new research and products